Akua Donkor Arrested For Defrauding Trader

The leader of  Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Madam Akua Donkor has been arrested for allegedly defrauding a trader in the Ashanti region.The politician was arrested by the police in the Ashanti region following a complaint lodged against her.According to sources, the trader one Ama Yeboah bought a land valued at GHS10,500 from Akua Donkor in 2009 but has been unable to develop the land as a result of series of litigations.The report continues that all attempts to get Madam Akua Donkor  to come in and settle the matter yielded no results as she kept on putting up one excuse after the other.Madam Akua Donkor who has been avoiding the trader for sometime now was picked up following a tip-off that she was in Kumasi.It is still unclear whether she has been charged or not.Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to [email protected] and we’ll surely put them online

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