Brong Ahafo Region: NPP Regional Executive Elections, Who Wins What Position And Why?

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is scheduled to hold its Annual Regional Delegates Conference nationwide between April 21, 2018 and April 24, 2018.The delegates conference among other things will elect Regional Executives to manage the affairs of the party in the various regions for the next the four years.Here in the Brong Ahafo Region, the Annual Regional Delegates Conference is scheduled to take place at the Pastoral Center, Sunyani on Sunday, 22nd April, 2018.It is on this note that we of the INTEGRITY NETWORK seek to bring to the attention of the general public our initial Observations, analysis, recommendations, and predictions through our research conducted in the month of March 2018.There are Sixteen (16) executive positions which form the Regional Executives Committee. Six (6) out of the sixteen (16) are appointed while the remaining ten(10) are to be contested for during the regional delegates conference in every four years.However, there will be nine (9) positions to be contested for here in Brong Ahafo Region on the 22nd April 2018, at the Pastoral Center.This is because the incumbent Regional Organizer, Mr. Konlaabig Rasheed who doubles as the Brong Ahafo Regional Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is going unopposed.1. CHAIRMANThe race for the chairmanship position is keenly contested between the incumbent Regional Chairman, Thomas Adu Appiah (affectionately called Chairman Thoma) and the immediate past chairman of the Asutifi North constituency, Francis Opoku Sarfo (popularly called Chairman Jerry).The third aspirant for the chairmanship positon, Dr. Charles Addo, is hardly mentioned in any of the conversations. In fact, as at 31st March, 2018 when this research was concluded, Dr. Charles Addo was known only in the two Techiman constituencies where he comes from.Chairman Jerry seems to have a very strong presence in all the constituencies. The delegates feel he is very rich and bring some cohesion to the party front in the region. In some cases, especially among the new executives, he is likened to Chairman Wontumi, who is the Regional Chairman for Ashanti Region. But most of the delegates feel his financial strength is as a result of his connection with the Regional Minister. Others feel he is full of pride. But in a whole he is very affable.Chairman Thoma, on the other hand, who according to our research in the month of March, leads in the Chairmanship race, is very popular among the old executives. They speak very well of him as 1st Vice Chairman and his financial contributions and support for most of the constituencies in the 2016 General Elections. Most of the delegates feel he is genuine, loyal and committed to the course of the Elephant Movement.2. 1ST VICE CHAIRMANThe 1st Vice Chairmanship competition was tipped to be the most competitive of all. However, the euphoria and aura around Kwame Baffoe (a.k.a. Abronye DC) has taken the shine from the much anticipated competitive nature of the 1st vice chairmanship race.Abronye DC is seen by many of his detractors as not couched for the position of the 1st Vice Chairman and many feel he would have done a better job if he had gone for the Regional Organizer.Abronye is seen as a national asset from the Brong Ahafo region with a very strong presence and voice across the length and breadth of the nation. He is also seen to be the voice of the ordinary people, an anti-corruption agent and he is among the few candidates that delegates feel very certain that they will vote for. However, it is important to put on record that party supporters affiliated to the Regional Ministers are against his candidature.His closest rival in the race for the 1st Vice Chairmanship position comes from Dr. Emmanuel Opoku Marfo of Tano North constituency. Dr. Opoku Marfo  has a strong presence across all the constituencies and the delegates speak very well of him and he is seen by many delegates as having a very good message.The observation is that Dr. Opoku Marfo is likely to win more votes from delegates who feel that Abronye is too young for the position of the 1st Vice Chairman.The rest are Mr. Patrick Peprah Appiagyei of Tano North Constituency who comes with the nobility of loyalty, Mr. Dabie Appiah Mensah of Sunyani West Constituency and former Regional Organizer, and Alhaji Shaibu Bamba of the Tain Constituency.3. 2ND VICE CHAIRMANThe race for the 2nd Vice Chairmanship is between the incumbent Mr. Joseph Mensah and Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene. Mr. Joseph Mensah is from the Tain Constituency and is currently the Regional Director of the National Health Insurance Authority. Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene on the other hand is from the Sunyani East Constituency and comes to the race as a former Regional Women Organizer.Most delegates feel Mr. Joseph Mensah is not having a firm control over the management of the NHIA in the region and needs to concentrate his attention in managing that sector. Madam Justina is playing the gender card to her advantage. Delegates want to try her. The research shows that Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene is likely to win more votes ahead of the incumbent, Mr. Joseph Mensah.4. SECRETARYIn the race for the chief scribe’s job are Kofi Ofosu Boateng of Sunyani West Constituency who is the Deputy Secretary cum acting Secretary, David Boakye of Techiman South Constituency who is the immediate past Constituency Secretary, and John Nketsiah of Sunyani East Constituency who worked as a researcher for the party.Our research shows that Kofi Ofosu Boateng has no and little competition from John Nketsiah and David Boakye respectively. Almost all the delegates we talked to spoke of Kofi Ofosu Boateng’s sacrifices, commitment, loyalty and his willingness in the service to the NPP in the Brong Ahafo Region.Kofi is said to have sacrificed his job as the Programme Director and Host of the Super Morning Show at Sky FM to become the first Communications Director for the NPP in the region. They feel he is very humble and almost always at the party secretariat to render service to party faithfuls.John Nketsiah is known as Bugri John for his role as a serial caller on radio. He is said to have adopted the name Bugri to create the impression as northerner. Delegates feel that he was not transparent with some funds placed at his disposal and in some cases threatened to deal with him. However, he is seen to be in the good books of the regional Minister.David Boakye comes to the party as a fantastic gentlemen. David is known mostly in the northern half of the region where he hails from. Delegates feel he is humble and speaks well. But some delegates think that he would have been a better candidate for the Assistant Secretary position.5. ASSISTANT SECRETARYThere are three gentlemen vying for the position of Assistant Secretary. They are Mohammed Baba Gausu of Tano North Constituency, Asare Baffour  and Clement Bonsu both from the Sunyani East Constituency. Surprisingly, at the time of our research, all of them had no or little presence in the various constituencies. It is therefore expected to be a close contest based on the subtle nature of their campaigns.6. TREASURERThe treasurer position is being contested by the incumbent Alhaji Issaka Issa of Sunyani East and Justice Appiah-Antwi of Tano North Constituency who is the Regional Director of MASLOC. Interestingly, our research indicates that this is a one horse race for Alhaji Issaka.Though delegates recognize the fact that Alhaji has some financial administration and educational challenges, they feel he deserves another chance as the treasurer of a party in government.They say that if he had served the party very well in opposition why can’t he serve as a treasurer of the same party in government. As for Justice, the delegates feel he has the competence to do the job but they will still vote for Alhaji for continuity sake.7. YOUTH ORGANIZERThe Youth Organizer position is the most sort after positin with six energetic candidates. Probably inspired by the exploits and the success story of the vociferous Abronye DC. The aspirants are Micheal Osei Boateng of Tano North Constituency who is the substantive Deputy Youth Organizer and the Regional Director for YEA, Abdul Razaak of Dormaa Central Constituency who is the immediate past Constituency Youth Organizer, Eugene Kusi Boakye of Asutifi South Constituency, Benkae Kwame Isaac of Sunyani East Constituency, Kwain Bonse Isaac of Techiman South, and Richard Kwadwo Adu of the Wenchi Constituency.Micheal Osei Boateng leads the race with a very strong presence in all the constituencies. Most delegates feel he has a very good human relation, an enterprising individual and outstanding among the aspirants. Delegates feel he has paid his dues for the party at the regional level and has developed the capacity to rally the youth towards 2020 elections.The biggest challenge for Micheal Osei Boateng comes from Abdul Razak who seems to court the support of the Muslim groups in the region. Razak’s affiliation to Ali Mega who is the MP for Dormaa and former Regional Organizer seems to have some pull effect for his bidding. He also rides on a very strong financial background and seemingly linked with the Regional Minister.Eugene Kusi Boakye is fairly represented in most of the constituencies. He is described as the young man with a powerful message. Delegates feel he speaks well and has great vision. But most delegates think he has a very slim chance of winning. The rest are hardly heard of, with the exception of Kwain Bonse Isaac whose presence is felt in the northern half of Brong.8. WOMEN ORGANIZERWhen it comes to the Regional Women Organizer position, there are three women competing for the honours. They include the incumbent, Dorothy Ama Amponsah, the immediate past Women Organizer for Berekum West, Doris Asomah who is in Charge of the School Feeding Programme, and Patience Tettey( Sorfo Maame).The research conducted in the month of March indicated that Ama Amponsah is likely to win based on her relationship with the old executives who were retained. Most of the delegates who support her feel she has the party at heart and receives them well anytime she hosts them.However, she faces some form of competition from Patience Tettey, who is associated with the Regional Minister and has the Support of the incumbent Deputy Women Organizer. She  preaches unity among the women front and has a strong leanings with Chairman Jerry.The biggest competition for the Women Organizer position comes from Doris Asomah. Doris has most of her support from the newly elected executives. The biggest chunk of the delegates from all the constituencies think she has the best message compared to the competitors. Doris has very good remarks from the various Women Organizers who think she is hard working, respectful and full of humility.Most of the constituencies feel she brings some level of cohesion to the women front in the region and think she is the best person for the position going into the 2020 Election. However, most of them also feel Ama Amponsah deserves another chance.9. NASARA COORDINATORThe position for the Regional Nasara Coordinator is a special creation for the Muslim(Zongo) communities and groupings in the NPP. The position is ably contested by Kassim Siaka of Tain Constituency, Amadu Bermah Suleman and Alhaji Adamu Mohammed, both from the Techiman North Constituency.Most of the delegates we talked to said they were yet to meet with the aspirants. However, most of them said their choice of candidate will be based on the recommendations of their constituency Nasara Coordinators.This report is based on an independent research conducted by Integrity Network & Upgrade Support Services based in Sunyani.Contact:
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