We Are Still In Business – Management of Universal Microfinance

Management of Universal Microfinance, a financial institution based in Accra has responded to an audio recording making rounds on the various social media platforms.In the said audio as intercepted by Ghanaxtra.com, an unknown person is heard making some wild allegations against the financial institution whose head office is situated at Mallam (gravel junction), Accra.The person whose identity we cannot independently verify made revelations to the effect that the company which provides services in Loans, Savings, Investments, and Business Advisory Service is in financial distress and could fold up at any moment.He advised customers to go for their loans if they do not want the infamous DKM debacle to befall them.He there urged prospective customers to stay away from the company as if they are not careful the company could deprive them of their hard-earned properties through dubious means.But the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Microfinance Limited, Mr Kwadwo Amofa-Fofie has rubbished the contents of the said audio.According to him, the company is not in distress and does not plan to fold up as it is poised to continue to provide holistic support to businesses through efficient and effective delivery of customer-centered financial services.He urged customers and prospective clients to have faith in the company as Universal Microfinance Limited was among the first microfinance institutions that were licenced by the Bank of Ghana and has been given a perpetual licence.He revealed that the attempt is a ploy by some faceless individuals to collapse the company and urged customers to continue to have trust in them as they will continue to serve them as they have always done in line with their vision and mission statement.Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to info@ghanaxtra.com and we’ll surely put them online

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