Emery discusses Guardiola, Simeone, Neymar and recommending Pochettino to Valencia

Emery poses for MARCA. Juan CastroAs well as talking about his own style of play and his first few months at Arsenal in an exclusive interview with MARCA, Unai Emery has also discussed Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone, Julen Lopetegui and Neymar.“Yes, it’s cordial. We have spoken on the phone before and I appreciate and respect him greatly. Do we have different styles? I don’t know. You can get pigeonholed in football but sometimes unfairly. I have two coaching models: Pep and Simeone and they say they’re opposites. It could be true in terms of the layout of the team, higher or lower, or how they arrive in the box. But I like things from both, then with my own personality.”“I don’t have that perception and I don’t know how it can be supported. This Arsenal have more possession than anyone, apart from Chelsea and Manchester City. And we are third top scorers [after those two]. But if one day we have space, you have to run, like what happened against Fulham [5-1 win]. I am not dogmatic. My objective is to lift the fans off their seats and there are different ways to do that. So, I don’t know why they call me defensive. Another example: one of my Sevilla sides were high scorers, we got more than 100 goals; my PSG scored many, although there you have to do so; the same was true at Lorca where I started; and in Valencia, [David] Villa scored 30 goals.”“I have followed his development closely, I study him. I like how he plays in attack to defend: good use of space, going forward, attacking in a way that means you are well positioned in defence. I analyse Pep, but also [Jose Luis] Mendilibar, Alcaraz and Javi Lopez.”“I like how he reduces the space. His team defend closer to their goal, but, for example, I faced him with Sevilla and lost 4-0. Even if you want to have the ball, they press you so well and high that they pressure you like animals and eat you. There are days when Cholo is very attacking. I think to pigeonhole him is absurd.”“He has everything at Atletico because he deserved it. One day he will have to leave and he could coach wherever he wants. Because of his personality, I see him more in Italy.” Unai Emery: After 22 years of Wenger, I had to open the windows at Arsenal“I love to. When I left Valencia, I told the president that I was more analytical of coaches than of players. I don’t have time to analyse players. I am more tactical. Wenger, for example, was more about pure football, more of a player coach. Back then, when Valencia were looking for a coach, I told the president [Manuel Llorente] that, for me, my ideal successor would be Mauricio Pochettino, who was at Espanyol. Because I analysed all the teams. Later, Poch called me to thank me. And I did it without knowing him, but I knew his Espanyol well. For that reason, I analyse teams more than players.”“You need to know when you’re speaking to the person and when you’re speaking to the player. The last day when I was leaving Paris, I had the pleasure of him coming to say goodbye and giving me a hug and that, at a human level, I valued.”“In football that concept doesn’t exist, this sport is very disloyal. You have to know where you are, and there is no justice here. As coaches we have to learn these extremes. I try to get on with that.”“I have no idea. I think the fans would applaud me, but I don’t know how to interpret if they love me. I left Lorca and when I returned with Almeria, I noticed it was 50-50. When I went back to Almeria, the same, because when you leave places, people don’t accept it. It’s like when a girlfriend leaves you. She tells you: ‘you are very nice’. Yes, but she leaves you. You are hurt and that happens to fans. For that reason, it’s better to leave places where you’re not thrown out. At PSG? I don’t know. I think the fans might not want you to continue but the people at the club appreciate me. I’m sure. And the same at Sevilla. From inside they always tell me how much they love me [laughs]. But all I look for is respect, and if they love me, even better. That’s what I achieved at every club.”Credit: Marca via: USAHint SportsCall our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp.You could equally email your stories or articles to admin@ghanaxtra.com and we’ll surely put them online

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