U.S Based Musician To Sue Patapaa For Snatching His Girlfriend

Recently the internet was awash with photos of musician Patapaa and her his beautiful girlfriend, Gabriella Kotey aka Gabi Africa passionately kissing.The pictured stirred up some controversies on social media as many social media users doubted whether the “One Corner” hitmaker could be the owner of such a “beautiful and heavy machine.”Many people thought it was one of those video shoots but subsequent pictures and commentaries have confirmed the relationship.But Patapaa is in for a fight and be should be prepared as an ex-boyfriend of Gabi Africa based in the U.S is lacing his boot to sue the Swedru based musician.According to Ras Bobo the so-called ex-boyfriend, he wants to sue Patapaa for snatching his girlfriend.In an exclusive interview with Ghanaxtra.com, the U.S based musician revealed that he wants to sue Patapaa because he feels bitter and cheated.He revealed that he only got to know about them on social media after some friends drew his attention to some pictures of the love birds on the internet.He continued that he cannot be jilted like that and wants Patapaa to compensate him as he spent a lot on the lady.
” I am suing the dude for snatching my beauty. It can end like that, Patapaa should pay something for my troubles” he revealed.Detailing how they met, he said they met during one of his video shoots in Accra in 2016 and they quickly fell in love.Ras Bobo told the is portal that the lady quickly moved to his residence at Kasoa Old Barrier but things started to get bad as Gabriella started demanding too much money for her personal stuff.He continued that Gabriella later packed out to her mother’s place but he was surprised to find that another person was dating her when they had not broken up.Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to info@ghanaxtra.com and we’ll surely put them onlineLog in to leave a comment

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