Cedi Depreciation: Social Media Users “Roast” Kweku Baako Over Double Standards

Following a submission on the Cedi depreciation by senior journalist, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, many social media users have descended heavily on him.His trollers, mostly individuals with strong leanings to the opposition National Democratic Party(NDC) started the “attack” on Facebook after Newsfile on Saturday.Mr Baako, appearing on Joy Fm’s and Joy News’ current affairs programme, Newsfile, after a long break revealed that the Finance Minister’s strategies to salvage the sinking Cedi is not feasible in the short term.He urged that the time has come for Ghanaians to stop politicising matters relating to the Cedi since it will continue to be a headache for future governments.“Unless we all agree and stop politicising this and we all agree and solve this matter, even if NDC wins the next elections they will face this same issue.”But the submission by Kweku Baako did not go down well with some social media users and they have not minced words in expressing it as they took to his timeline to roast him.Digging into the archives, those trolling Kweku Baako are accussing him of shifting the goals post to please his pay masters(NPP government).According to them, Mr Baako in the wake of a similar problem in 2014 was quick to point accusing figures at the then John Mahama led administration but strangely, he is now professing a different a measure.“The managers of the economy are mismanaging the economy that is why we are experiencing depreciation of the Cedi. Bawumia told them that if you do propaganda with the economy the exchange rate will expose you and that is where we are today.”We have compiled some of the trolls below for our readers…Others like Nii Amarh Amarteifio doubted if it was truly Kweku Baako speaking: “Can someone confirm if indeed it was the same Abdul Malik Kweku Baako who was on #Newsfile today? I doubt!”The 2012 Presidential candidate for the CPP, Dr Abu Sakara Foster perhaps carried the day with a masterstroke: “Everybody has a particular perspective through which prism they see the world around them. What is important is to be upfront about it, so that when it matters we know where you are coming from. A disposition can range from a slight leaning to a slant and outright bent…”Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to [email protected] and we’ll surely put them online

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