Keeping Faith With The Masses: ABRONYE DC- The De Facto Chairman of Bono Region

“The solid political structures of the future will be built on the strong foundations of the past”When it comes to keeping faith with the NPP grassroots, Chairman Kwame Baffoe is your man.When it comes to defending and standing up for the NPP, Chairman Kwame Baffoe is your man.When it comes to supporting and assisting party members in difficulties, Chairman Kwame Baffoe is your man.When it comes to highlighting the plight of the ordinary NPP person, Chairman Kwame Baffoe is still your man.When it comes to teamwork and strategic execution of tasks, Look no further than Chairman Kwame Baffoe.When it comes to a passionate  person with the welfare of the NPP masses at heart, Chairman Kwame Baffoe stands tall amongst his peers.Indeed, the opposition NDC and all opponents of the NPP shudder at the thought of messing with the NPP when Chairman Kwame Baffoe shows up anywhere.Reasons:* he is young and charismatic.* he is a powerful and voiciferous.* he is akin to an icon when it comes to the political terrain.* he pulls a mammoth following wherever he goes.* he is inarguably one of the most admired and respected young politicians in  Ghana and his rapid ascent on the political stage is well deserved.Bono Region delegates appreciate and respect Chairman Kwame Baffoe for his political ideals, charisma and integrity. He believes in quiet diplomacy which achieves tangible results.We must go for a person who is best suited for the Bono Chair across the various social and communal divides.Chairman Kwame Baffoe will articulate our viewpoints better and serve our political interests well because he has done it in the past and continues to do it.He has kept faith with us and we will do same for him.We will go for Gold.We will go for ability and charisma.We will go for efficiency.We will go for the all inclusive team player who can maintain the existing unity because all hands are needed on deck to prosecute the 2020 campaign and beyond.Our aim is to annex all 12 parliamentary seats in Bono region and win the presidential polls by a landslide and with Chairman Kwame Baffoe as the lead servant, God willing, that will be achieved.This impending poll is a natural succession just like how Chairman Freddy Blay and our own Chairman Thomas Adu Appiah were appreciated and rewarded for their hard-work, loyalty and sacrifice.In the absence of our regional Chairman, our First Vice Chairman would naturally have been the next in command and we believe in the abilities and leadership of Mr Kwame Baffoe.We must massively affirm our belief and confidence in him by voting to elect him as our substantive Bono Regional chairman.The battle is still the Lord’s.For God and Ghana!For NPP and BONO Region!!Vote Kwame Baffoe (Abronye DC) as Bono Regional Chairman!!!#TeamABRONYE Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to and we’ll surely put them onlineLog in to leave a comment

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