Video: Policeman Receives Beatings Of His Life From Civilians

In this era of heightened civil liberty consciousness among the citizens of the country, it is expected that Ghanaians will jealously guard against any infringement on the fundamental human rights of one another.However, the opposite seems to be the order of the day as various acts of impunity are perpetrated against citizens.But it becomes more alarming when citizens perpetuate these acts of illegality on an officer of the law.In a video trending on social media, some civilians are seen assaulting a peace officer.It is still unclear what triggered the attack but it can be concluded we have a lot to do as a country as far the relationship between Police officers and civilians are concerned.You can watch the  video below…Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to and we’ll surely put them onlineLog in to leave a comment

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