Female Second Year SHS Student Dies In Examination Hall

A second-year female General Arts student of the Oyoko Methodist Senior High School in the Eastern region has died.The student per sources of this portal died while writing her end of semester examination.The student was in the process of writing her Literature in English paper when she suddenly collapsed and died.She had reportedly complained of abdominal pains prior to her death.According to reports, she had previously been treated at the school’s sickbay where she was treated and was deemed fit to sit for the end of the semester examination but she collapsed midway through the paper.She was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua, where she was pronounced dead on arrival by health officials.The cause of death is not known.Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to [email protected] and we’ll surely put them online

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