Stop “Maligning” The People Of The Volta Region – Manasseh Tells NPP

Broadcast journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has urged the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) to leave the people of the Volta region alone.Manasseh reveals that it is wrong for the party to malign a group of people because of their political choices.A write up by the broadcaster and sighted by this portal, argues that the continues intimidation of the people of Ketu South and other parts of the Volta region has no basis.The revelation by Manasseh follows an admission by the MCE of Ketu South, Elliot Edem Agbenorwu on Accra based Citi FM that alleged Togolese who had come to register in the area had fled after he unable to speak the Ewe language when he was interrogated. “I have just listened to an interview between Umaru Sanda Amadu and the MCE of Ketu South, Elliot Edem Agbenorwu. The MCE claimed some Togolese had come to Ghana to register to vote. He went on to say he personally spoke Ewe to the supposed Togolese and the man did not understand Ewe so and run into the bush after he had been exposed.Sanda asked him how it was possible for the man to escape, why the police, soldiers, national security and BNI officers who were with the MCE and the regional minister on the tour of the polling centres did not arrest this man but allowed him to run away.The MCE’s answer was that he (the MCE) and the regional minister did not meet this man themselves. He said their boys were those who encountered him and later reported to him. “And by the time they were giving this report to us, the person had already fled into the bush and entered into Togo.”“But you just said you spoke Ewe to him yourself?” Sanda reminded him.The MCE claimed he spoke to the man 100 metres away.“You must have been shouting then?” said Sanda.The MCE and the NPP should just leave the people of Ketu South and the Volta Region alone. It is a shame to keep on lying and maligning a group of people just because they don’t vote for your party. Leave them alone. They have not committed any crime. It’s no longer funny”.Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to [email protected] and we’ll surely put them online

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