Working With Rawlings: Professor Ahwoi Details How Rawlings Squeezed Bede Ziedeng’s Testicles

Professor Kwabena Ahwoi’s recently launched book, “Working with Rawlings” is turning out to be a book that must be read by all.The book details some of the untold stories of J.J Rawlings and his relationship with the people around him.Even though the book seems to have already ruffled some feathers as it has been tasked as seeking to champion an anti- Rawlings agenda, some of the pages are interesting to read as it gives a proper picture of the personality of Rawlings.A page in the book details how Rawlings, then-President squeezed the testicles of Bede Ziedeng at a Party Congress.The squeeze by Mr. Rawlings was so hard that Bede Ziedeng reportedly collapsed and had to be rushed out of the congress grounds.Read the excerpts below“Bede Ziedeng as a rabid Obed Asamoah supporter and by extension, therefore, an anti- Mills person. This was known to President Rawlings. On the Congress day, Bede and other party members formed a human chain on the two sides of the entrance to the Congress Hall to provide a kind of protection for the VVIP as they entered. The crowd was very thick and it was not easy to see whatever was happening at the entrance. As Bede tells it, When Rawlings and his entourage got the entrance and the crowd surged to acknowledge their hero, Rawlings got hold of his(Bede’s) testicles and squeezed them hard, so hard that he believes he fainted. When he recovered, he was outside the Congress Hall and people were fanning him. Those people did not know what had happened to him; they only knew that he had fainted”. Call our Editor on 0209391902 or click here and inform us via Whatsapp. You could equally email your stories or articles to [email protected] and we’ll surely put them online

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