Female KNUST Student Who Stayed At Katanga Hall Declared Barren

Details are emerging that a second-year female student of the Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology(KNUST) affiliated to Katanga Hall has been rendered barren.The unidentified lady who was part of the first batch of girls to occupy the Katanga Hall has not been able to give birth one and half years after marriage.The lady whose husband is domiciled in the United States has been declared barren by Doctors.A  social media post sighted on the timeline of Katanga Fellowood says the mother of the lady has revealed that her daughter’s condition has been revealed to have been caused by the curse with a flowing river that has the ovaries of the girl.According to the post, the lady has been directed by a traditional healer to see the priest of Katanga Hall who poured the libation to reverse the curse.This portal however not confirm the authenticity or otherwise of the post.Management of KNUST, in 2018 converted the two male halls of residence of the University into a mixed one.For the first time, University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Conti) accepted females into the halls but that move was resisted.Read the full post belowWe just received a call from a mother of a female student who was part of the first batch of girls to occupy the KATANGA HALL. she has been married by her husband in the States so she went to USA after first year.For a year and half of marriage, she is not giving forth a baby and has been declared barren per her medical reports. Upon this, the mother asked the daughter to come to Ghana to see a traditional healer.Upon their visitation to the traditional priest last month, they have been told the daughter has been cursed with a flowing river that has the ovaries of the girl. So to pacify the gods of the river and that of a certain hall in KNUST, they should come with the priest of the hall who poured the libation to reverse the curse.We told the woman just one thing. She should go and look for a certain man called OBIRI DANSO who led them blindly to have their daughter to spend her entire 1st year in Katanga for Father John to take sight of her nakedness. The woman has promised to pay any amount but we are saying no.The dent they have caused our KATANGA stool can’t be appeased with any amount.The gods are really angry and we repeat again and again! No female student that stepped foot and accommodated in KATANGA for an academic year can bear a baby with flesh and blood.We are not ready today and tomorrow to reverse any curse. She should be barren forever for we don’t care.We just don’t joke with certain things in this part of our world. The gods have spoken.Keep on bringing more fertile girls to KATANGA and let the gods do their work by making them infertile its simple as that!
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