Henry Osei Writes On Coup: Is Coup The Alternative?

The NDC has a revolutionary background. Yes NDC benefited from the 1981 coup. The PNDC rebranded itself into NDC. So one must not be surprised when key personalities of the NDC cry out for coup. They see it as one of the easiest opportunity to come back into government.Probably, the NDC know very well that, Ghanaians do not see them as a better alternative to the NPP. They do not see how they can be in government come 2024 which is just about 2 years away.Why can’t the NDC get out there and show Ghanaians what they would do, when given the opportunity? Give alternatives if you have any better solutions than what the incumbent government is doing.Probably, the NDC must be frustrated with the Mahama ticket but cannot have any better candidate to present for the 2024. So they cry for coup.Probably, those in NDC calling for COUP are saying John Dramani Mahama is not an option any more and must step aside.Probably, those calling for coup and are not members of the NDC are tired of the NDC and the NPP duopoly. If that is so and genuinely so, why not come together to form a new political party and proffer better solutions?The fix the country movement had the support of a lot of Ghanaians until some known NDC faces got involved with their activities. The movement was really picking up with a lot of Ghanaians. But they became partisan. It became clear that the leaders were doing the bidding of some politicians.The way forward for Ghana, if we genuinely think the NPP and NDC have failed us all, then those individuals must come out boldly to form a different political party, but not to incite the military to take over the reign of government.What is clear is that, the NDC is not better alternative to the NPP, even with JDM, they look scary. Probably the NDC must have a new candidate but they themselves know that JDM had captured the party with money and not policies.Probably, the various NPP flagbearer hopefuls….must step up their game on their personal level in dealing with specific topical issues even if it runs parallel to what the government is doing. They must also come out with alternative solutions publicly, especially, when the government is not ready to listen to their views in cabinet.We need to give the citizens hope but not desperation. Majority of Ghanaians are currently in despair. Some are disappointed but that not warrant a cry for coup.The media should not whip the interest for coup, but rather, call on those who have officially declared their intention to contest for the 2024 presidential elections to come out with practical alternative solutions to what His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is currently doing.Civil Society Organizations must rise to the occasion and create platforms for presidential hopefuls to deliberate on various alternatives.The 4th Republican Constitution must not be overthrown but rather be celebrated. It is the most successful constitution ever since colonial rule.Probably, the constitutional review process which was abandoned by JDM after the demise of president John Evans Atta Mills must be reconsidered so that we can improve on the gains so far.Coup is not an alternative.Happy 65th Anniversary.May God bless our homeland Ghana!Henry Osei Karikari
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