Korle-Bu Doctors Threaten Strike Over Unpaid Bonuses

Korle-Bu Doctors Threaten StrikeDoctors at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital have issued a warning to cease their services on February 13, 2023, unless their grievances are addressed. In a letter, the doctors raised concerns about discrimination in the payment of the Thirteenth Month Salary arrears.

The doctors claim that the management disregarded their request to pay 25% of the arrears after reaching a clear agreement on the payment timeline for the remaining balance. They also argue that the decentralized payment system disadvantages doctors working in financially challenged departments.

To prevent a withdrawal of services, the medical staff has outlined a timeline for action. From January 30 to February 5, 2023, the doctors expect a clear response from the management on the payment timeline and a centralized payment system.

If their demands are not met, the medical staff will first withdraw services from the Outpatient department, followed by elective surgeries and procedures. In the final stage, they will refuse to attend to emergencies until all inpatients have been discharged.

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